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The Tutanauer EZ9 autoclave has been back to the company 3 times and each time it costs me shipping, and diagnostic charges, as well as the cost to have a loaner. The autoclave fails to work consistently, gives us error messages and failed cycles every day and yet Tutanauer cannot find the problem and fix it. At great expense and many months I have gotten nowhere with this company.

I have spoken with other members of the dental profession and have been told that the Tutanauer automatic autoclaves are infamous for these problems. Tutanauer will not admit this to you, of course, but it has been a well kept secret up until now. If you speak with dental repair companies they will tell you the same thing.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Ramsey, New Jersey, United States #786770

I also have had a string of problems with my EZ 10. I have had it for 3 years and it has been non functional for approx 1 full year with multiple problems.

Now I have been told that the water pump AND the Circuit board are bad. Repairs would cost $1500.

I am Dumping it, I have had enough.

Houston, Texas, United States #584162

I have heard the newer Tuttnauers have board problems from Tuttnauer dealers...They do not compare to the reliability of a Midmark autoclave...

to Mike Boston, Massachusetts, United States #618458

The Tuttnauer boards you speak of are the same boards that have been used since 1997. Before that, there were only several small changes since 1991.

So, in their defense, the boards are very reliable.

In the past 20 years I have seen many challenging situations. After three attempts at Tuttnauer one should be looking st the units home base. If the power at the receptacle is greater than 230 vac damage will occur to the boards over time.

I have had a couple machines back several times over the years only to ultimately find the customer was trying to run the unit at 195 vac(low) or as high as 257vac. No way tuttnauer could know that unless the customer was up front with them.


Hi- There is nothing inside the works of the autoclaves that would leave these particals on your trays. I've worked with these machines since 1992.

Now, I have seen instances where the user never oiled the door closing device and as a result I have found metal(brass) filings in the chamber and water reservoir.

This would require a lot more than 5 cycles before this problem developed. It would also be the fault of the user and not Tuttnauer.

Feel free to contact me with any Tuttnauer questions.


We have been having trouble with the EZ9 for a year now. Extremely fine black particles are showing up on our sterilzed trays.

At first, we thought it was a human error: like dropping something is the water chamber, so we bought a new one.

We've only used it five times and it started leaving the black residue as well. Has anyone else had problems with this?

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